Slashing the human and budget costs of out of hours services
Posted on 2016-09-15 05:52 pm

Out of hours services and unsociable working hours are found in many sectors, from transport and travel to leisure and entertainment, public sector to emergency services. There is an army of people working around the clock to ensure the necessities and the niceties of life are delivered. But the logistics and sourcing of out of hours workforces comes with an additional time and cost implication to employers. 
It is often third party agencies who fulfil out of hours staff quotas and recruit and deploy staff for holiday and sickness cover, but at much higher pay rates, rates that are not entirely passed onto the worker. So how can out of hours management time and associated staffing costs be slashed?

This is where multi-award winning tabs® ( comes in - the 24/7 mobile shift management solution, that offers an end-to-end, out of hours and emergency staff recruitment and deployment. Furthermore, it can save up to 40% in costs, even entirely negating the need for third party agencies at all. 

Via its ability to reach entire staff teams with detailed shift alerts and compliance checking direct staffs’ mobile phones, those who are appropriately skilled or qualified, available to work and who may be geographically closer to the need, can respond in a click, getting to work faster and without the need for costly agency commissions. tabs® will fulfil the need around the clock at a fraction of the costs of a recruitment agency, it is also entirely scalable and able to send multiple shift alerts to literally hundreds of staff at once - an invaluable asset to any public service where downtimes and cancellations are simply not acceptable – or just a few uniquely skilled workers where need is specific.

The modern world is edging increasingly toward a 24/7 society – think 24 hour tube services and round the clock supermarket shopping. 24/7 operations increase employment, but also put an additional strain on infrastructures not necessarily designed to take the strain in incessant demand. tabs® cane also be deployed across contractors and repair staff, enabling management to deploy them in increasingly smaller time slots as operational times increase.

There is of course another cost to out of hours working – the human cost with less time for friends and family. tabs® provides a more human-centric flexibility for staff who have children and families to care for, by enabling them to react as their timetables change. And like it or not all of our timetables will change as more and more services operate for longer and longer hours.

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