Use Technology to Recruit Proactively to get the Best Staff and Retain Competitive Edge
Posted on 2016-02-23 01:56 pm

Our recent survey into how freelancers, contractors, temporary and zero hours staff use technology to find work, threw a few curve balls at the makers of tabs®.

Worker candidate’s adept adoption of anytime/everywhere mobile technology in searching for work showed that they currently outpace recruitment agencies and employers in this area (see our last blog for more information on that). That in itself showed a technological revolution - one the agencies and businesses could get up to speed with by utilising tabs®- but this is merely the tip of the iceberg. The second skirmish in this revolution will take place in the social media arena.

Candidates are no longer simply seeking specific roles within a certain sectors. They now seek to be in proactive engagement on social media networks with brands they love, in order to be aware when positions become available within their preferred businesses. This bodes well for business – after all what’s not to like in having appropriately skilled, brand devotees manning your decks? But will recruitment agencies comprehend this need in time when they’re currently still using paper documents in crucial accounting matters?

The makers of tabs® are sceptical. This is why one of their latest innovations to their recruitment and shift management solution allows for custom built social media engagement.

But why simply believe us? Look over the data we gathered from survey respondents and industry specialist and judge for yourselves.

So ‘get social’ to get the very best staff for your business.

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