Travel and Tourism Benefits from GBP Boom during UK Christmas Getaway
Posted on 2016-02-23 02:07 pm

With the British Pound seeing its highest rate against the Euro since the currency was introduced, Brits are flocking abroad for their Christmas getaway. That could be interpreted as a financial exodus, but far from it - UK travel is seeing record figures this year. Add in the fact that the UK is the 8th most popular international tourism destination and a huge global travel hub, and the influx and movement of people takes on (appropriately enough for Christmas) Biblical proportions!

The AA has predicted that 14 million journeys of over 20 miles will take place on the UK road network between Christmas and New Year. Heathrow Airport alone expects 106,000 passengers to arrive at and depart from its terminals on Christmas Day, with Saturday 19th December the busiest day as 219,000 people take to the skies. But not every Christmas getaway will be taking advantage of the strong pound as many will opt to stay in the country visiting family and friends, resulting in 2.2 million people using the national rail network over the festive season.

There are around 3.1 million people employed across travel and tourism in Britain. As a sector that never sleeps travel and tourism is therefore one of the sectors that would benefit most from tabs® - the multi-award winning, 24/7, end-to-end recruitment and deployment solution.

tabs®, a game-changing Dynamic People Assignment app is entirely customisable and so can be deployed across the entire travel and tourism sectors, from airports to airlines, trains to coaches, hotel chains to package holiday brands and even recovery businesses such as the AA, RAC and Green Flag, who also see a surge in consumer demand during holiday seasons. With the ability to issue live job alerts in permanent and temporary workforces, as well as freelancers and contractors via 24/7 via smart technology, tabs® is entirely reactive to its users’ busiest periods and creates savings of around 40% in both time and money.

tabs® has been designed based on 100's of hours of customer insight to remove the burden of finding, assigning and paying the right people, ensuring every travel and tourism businesses will meet demand, more nimbly, more flexibly and all at reduced cost. Even at the busiest time of year when overtime rates apply and the logistics of shifting the sector’s workforce efficiently and productively is paramount.

So, enjoy your Christmas Getaway and the tabs® team thanks everyone in the travel and tourism industry for working extra hard this Festive Season.

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