Top Recruitment Trends for 2016
Posted on 2016-02-23 02:09 pm

We all saw some radical new recruitment trends emerge during 2015, such as the use of social networks and mobile recruiting. They surprised many by going beyond Generation Y - the continually connected, Facebook and Twitter-loving generation - and attracted talent from the more mature pool who represent the most experienced and, it could be argued, valuable sector.

From the point of view of tabs®, the multi award winning recruitment and deployment solution, we knew mobile and 24/7 recruitment via all platforms would increase; tabs® was indeed designed to fully incorporate both and more, much more. But what will 2016 bring for recruiters and human resource professionals as well as those seeking to ring in the changes with a new job?

Our insight and technology teams have been looking into emerging trends from all over the world since summer. Here’s our top recruitment and HR trend predictions for 2016. And rest assured that they can all be addressed via tabs® - simply contact us for a demo and we’ll show you how!

1. The Great Staff Shortage of 2016

With UK PLC booming there’s an ever-increasing shortage of talent, which makes velocity to both talent and placements the crucial deciding factor.  Fully harnessing the smart technology in *66% of UK worker’s pockets, (some 2 billion worldwide) will enable recruiters and HR teams to respond in a nimble and agile manner.


2. Shifting the Love

OK, so this is one of tabs® favourite mantras (as our Twitter followers will know) but we’ve coined the phraseology for a well-researched reason. As the staff shortage increases throughout 2016 companies will need to offer ever-more personalised and creative retention packages that go beyond standard remuneration, pension, healthcare and rewards. For HR this means your teams will need to love what they do and how they’re appreciated for it to stay loyal, and for recruitment agencies it signifies a post placement nurturing relationship.

3. Data Will Drive All Trends

Technological recruitment and deployment will enable many other 2016 recruitment trends, such as candidate and employer evaluations, perception of employer brands, retention and referral programmes and internal focus groups and forums. Collation and most importantly use and questioning of this data will not only hone and perfect recruitment processes, but enhance brands for the consumer and potential workers alike.

4. Round the Clock Recruitment

In an increasingly 24/7 society more round the clock shifts in such sectors as retail have emerged, but this must now be applied across recruitment in general. Continual connectivity, mobile job searching and social media platforms will enable round the clock recruitment and greatly increase immediacy of shift fulfilment.

5. Creatively Achieve a Quality Hire

Across the board creativity will feature large in recruitment 2016. Everything from your job adverts to interview process, social media engagement to how you present you employer brand will impact on the quality of your hire. And who doesn’t want quality hires?

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