tabs® Scoops 7 Technology Award Nominations in UK and USA
Posted on 2016-02-23 02:01 pm

tabs® is not only revolutionising the way business deploy their workforces; it is having a huge impact on another arena altogether – the technology awards arena.

Having scooped 7 finalist positions, including:  App Design Awards; Entrepreneur Awards; V3 Technology Awards and the 2015 Workforce Optimas Awards from the leading HR and employment magazine in the USA, the makers of tabs® are delighted that their solution is receiving such acclaim and recognition so early on. The mobile app and portal solution only launched in early 2015 in the UK and in September of the same year in the USA at the IHRIM Conference in Atlanta. Within less than one month the US is already recognising this wholly British invention as being a revolution in staff deployment and productivity, with tabs® beating 100’s of other technology competitors in America at their own game.

Greg Wixted, MD and inventor in chief at Tabs® says, “We are all delighted at the plethora of awards nominations for tabs®, but to actually be finalist in such prestigious awards as the Great British Entrepreneur Awards  is beyond anything we imagined in our first few months since we launched tabs®.  Our team have truly broken new ground with tabs® and that is being recognised here and in the US, where the rate of success is simply phenomenal.”

Paul Excell, previously Chief Technology Officer at BT and Global iLabs’ Chairman, adds. “Our commitment to the ongoing innovation of tabs® is in no small measure one of the reasons why tabs® is receiving such acclaim. Since launch we’ve already added new features as the technology emerges. We will continue to do so at no extra cost to our customers. Our aim is not to merely stay at the cutting edge of technology, but be the cutting edge. Where tabs® leads, others can only follow.”
And it seems that awards too will be following if 7 finalists positions are anything to go by.

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