tabs® - Huge Savings in Retail for Temporary Recruitment
Posted on 2016-02-23 02:05 pm

Speculation that this year’s Black Friday will be a record breaker has been growing since September, with many experts predicting a £1.6+ billion spend. The shopping frenzy is indicative of a recovering economy and so stores and online retailers will be busier than ever. But from fashion to food, tech to toys retailers have to meet consumer demand, and to do so they must recruit tens of thousands of seasonal staff and deploy their permanent workforces to best effect.

tabs®, a globally award winning Dynamic People Assignment solution can help retailers recruit and deploy both seasonal and permanent workers, 24/7 via smart technology and create huge savings in time and money. tabs® has been designed based on 100's of hours of customer insight to remove the burden of finding, assigning and paying the right people to ensure every retailer will meet demand, more nimbly, more flexibly and all at reduced cost.

While the tsunami of shoppers are saving, the retailers have to fund the extra staff needed on the shop floor to cope with the increased and sometimes frenzied foot-fall - often using costly recruitment agencies. The wages and agency fees mount up, further cutting into profits already affected by the huge savings on goods. On Black Friday last year one supermarket recruited 2,000 extra staff, yet saw grocery sales slump as shoppers’ attention was firmly focused on the non-essential items with the much coveted black tag. Being able to respond dynamically and in real time to what is happening on the shop floor, whether it be Black Friday or an average rainy Monday, would save the retail sector millions in both costs and man-hours - and this is precisely what tabs® delivers.

Retail is the largest private sector employer in the UK. It’s dominated by a comparatively small number of large retailers and supermarkets who have 500 plus employees, in fact an estimated 286,000 UK retailers employ 1-10,000 staff. That equates to 66% of all workers in a sector some 2.77 million strong. It is just such a sector that tabs® was specifically designed for. And just as bar codes, eCommerce and self-scanning have transformed the sector, so too will tabs®.

In a week of huge savings for shoppers it’s nice to offer the same to the retailers.

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