Restaurants and Food Service Looking Healthy
Posted on 2016-02-23 02:06 pm

The restaurant and catering sectors have both recovered well from the recession with a 2.2% rise in the last 5 years. In particular corporate catering is flourishing as UK PLC, and the businesses within it, feel confident enough to give their entertainment allowances a workout. Factor in Party Season – which accounts for 40% of all corporate catering – and the sector looks as plump and healthy as a well stuffed turkey!

Currently there are 6,360 catering and food service businesses in the UK generating £1 billion in annual revenue. They employ battalions of staff  around the clock who are the frontline, face and even personality of the sector. Consumers cite ambience and good service as important as the food, with good service marginally pipping food quality as drivers for return visits it would appear that in food service you’re only as good as your staff. The recruitment and deployment of great staff is key to service going like clockwork - and that’s where tabs® will help.

tabs®, a globally award winning Dynamic People Assignment solution will help caterers and restaurants recruit and deploy both seasonal and permanent workers. With the ability to issue live job alerts to multiple staff 24/7 via smart technology, tabs® is entirely reactive to its users’ busiest periods and creates huge savings in time and money.

tabs® has been designed based on 100's of hours of customer insight to remove the burden of finding, assigning and paying the right people to ensure every food service business will meet demand, more nimbly, more flexibly and all at reduced cost. Even at the busiest time of year when overtime rates apply.

The restaurant market is predicted to reach £52 billion by 2017, doubling recent growth rate from 1.3 to 2.5%, with innovation in fast food driving an impressive 12.4% sales growth in the last 18 months. Last year new restaurant openings were up 7% – 4.7% in London and 8% rest of UK – with leading brand chain restaurants such as Pizza Hut, Nandos and PizzaExpress seeing a 6.1% sales increase. And a growth is sales means a growth in the need for great service and great staff. Let tabs® help you meet the demand and customer expectation by recruiting and deploying your workforce.

Contact us for a demo of how we can save you 40% in both the time and cost of recruiting and deploying your waiting, kitchen and bar staff and drastically cut your agency costs.

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