Love your Work or Love at Work?
Posted on 2016-02-23 02:10 pm

In a virtual world of dating apps and online love, just how big a role does the UK workplace still play in the love stakes? Global iLabs - the makers of the multi award winning and revolutionary recruitment and deployment app tabs®, commissioned a Valentine’s Day survey to discover how work still impacts on romance.

We asked our respondents some searching questions and really ruffled their work suits.

37% of couples within the respondent group actually met in the workplace – how lovely?… Until you discover that 24% of those admitted to actually fancying another colleague to begin with! 71% admitted to having a work date disaster, with 32% of those actually considering getting another job to avoid red faces rather than red roses across the shop floor. While only 35% admitted to a workplace affair, 60% of all illicit affairs in the UK actually start in work.

A massive 67% admitted to lusting after one of the bosses, with 56% agreeing that power is an added attraction when looking for a suitable partner. While 79% admitted to being or having been secretly in love with a colleague in an unrequited encounter more bittersweet than a lemon soft centre in a box of Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Pertinently for tabs® the largest segment in agreement was over the romance potential of the temporary worker, with a whopping 92% of single people admitting to going out of their way to espy the new addition to the workplace; red rose petal coloured spectacles firmly in place!

Greg Wixted MD and Inventor in Chief of tabs® said, “tabs® is a product of the modern world, utilising cutting-edge smart technology to enable businesses to recruit and deploy the very best talent – just like the dating world in the 21st Century! But it’s great to know that when it comes to real-world romance the office, the factory or shop floor or the staff canteen can still herald the start of a great relationship.”

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