The Technological Recruitment Revolution
Posted on 2016-02-22 03:15 pm

The elusive quest for the perfect work/life balance seems to be more attainable today than ever before. That’s a claim that might seem incredible considering how the modern world barely sleeps and 24/7 is the equation for 21st century living. But technology is proving a balance enabler.

The makers of tabs®, the powerful mobile solution enabling live automated staff deployment is proving a revolutionary tool for businesses and workers alike, conducted a recent survey into the working lives of freelancers, temporary and zero hours staff. They found that workers are streets ahead of recruitment agencies and HR departments when it comes to managing their professional lives. By utilising the ever-present smart technology in their own pockets, workers are revolutionising how and who they work for, and gaining greater freedom in their working lives.

There is a growing innovative band of temporary staff that are no longer loyal to one recruitment agency; by signing up with several they’re accessing a multitude of job boards and securing placements on the move - no matter what they’re doing - via their smart phones. This is allowing them to pick and choose hours around family and friends, social commitments and most importantly, better paid placements elsewhere.

The tabs® survey respondents stated that recruitment agencies and employers are lagging way behind them in the technology stakes, many still using paper, telephones and their own large and costly workforces to manage their clients and temporary candidates. This seem incredibly outmoded when there are sophisticated, yet simple technological solutions such as tabs® that will do everything from shift alerts to compliance, placement acceptance to invoicing, all at the touch of a button and in seconds. Well over three quarters of respondents stated that agencies and employers need to catch up if they are to snare the very best workers, or they might just be snatched up by more forward thinking, tech-savvy competitors.

It seems victory goes to the workers in the first skirmish of this technological recruitment revolution!

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