2015 - The year of the Digital Tsar..
Posted on 2016-02-23 01:57 pm

Nine out of ten senior executives say that their organisation now has a clear expectation that digital transformation will positively impact their business – meaning it’s no longer the CIO alone pushing the digital agenda. In fact, 80% of companies now have a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) in place. It may be this ‘Digital Tsar’ recruitment drive that has led 87% of companies to believe they’ve made significant progress in digital technologies in the past 12-18 months, but there are still five key issues, as found in a survey by Accenture, that top the digital agenda….. and four of those five can be solved by tabs®, the powerful mobile solution enabling live, fully automated staff deployment for businesses that employ, or agencies that use shift, contract, freelance and temporary workers.

The largest single issue was unsurprisingly security, with 51% of executives having concerns in this area. However, digital protection is clearly a prerequisite across all departments where technology plays a role in business, just as it is at home for domestic Internet users.

The following four concerns are where tabs® will help:

The makers of tabs® have made an open commitment to ongoing and disruptive innovation for their recruitment and deployment app, ensuring not only cutting edge digital advancement ahead of their clients’ ‘non-tabs’ competitors, but also proving that they are an ideal technology partner to boot. The app itself not only takes full advantage of current technology parameters, but also continually cuts new ground. Finally, by its very nature tabs® reaches out and proactively engages with a tech savvy and digital native potential workforce, ensuring your business remains at the technological coal face for the foreseeable future. And as tabs® can save up to 40% in recruitment and deployment costs resources will never be a problem.

We welcome the age of the Digital Tsar, and them to try tabs® for free for themselves – contact us for a demo log-in.

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