2015 – A Record Breaking Recruitment Year
Posted on 2016-02-23 01:58 pm

Even with some months to go, 2015 is on track to break all recruitment records to date. And with tabs® increasingly being seen as the workforce management tool of choice, Greg Wixted - Head of Innovation at tabs® - was approached by HR Magazine to write a thought leader piece specifically for the human resources sector.

In the article Greg says: “This sustained surge from 2014 through 2015 is having a huge knock-on effect with employers, who now clearly recognise the need to be more strategic with their workforce planning - especially when it comes to finding skilled workers that will increase competitive edge. They seek a specific balance of contingent, permanent, part and full-time employees, harnessing necessary skills and as much productivity as possible. Unfortunately however, some of that productivity can be lost in the logistics of finding and deploying staff - and reduced productivity costs money.”

Just as in all other sectors and across industry as a whole, technology is leading the way.

“Our research over the last 2-3 years shows, that there is currently a UK wide army of permanent in-house human resources workers spending tens of millions of man hours on logistical management for further battalions of shift, temporary and contract workers.” Greg continues. “From retail to health care, logistics to catering, call centres to manufacturing, deployment is crucial work and has to be done. I question however, if it needs to be done by this army of humans when there are technological solutions out there, that will deal with all of these logistical issues. And if you want your business to break a few records in productivity and time and cost savings in 2016 technologically deploying your workforce is a good place to start.”

Click the link to read the entire article http://www.thehrdirector.com/features/recruitment/what-will-2016-bring-for-recruitment/

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