Key Workforce Trends for 2017 – the BIG three
Posted on 2017-01-10 12:07 am

Key Workforce Trends for 2017 – the BIG three

It’s January and that means one thing at Global iLabs - the makers of the multi-award winning recruitment and deployment solution - TRENDS! 

Everything we do is driven by insight and so the team in our innovation lab have their heads down looking at what will be big in 2017…. Then seeing how they can top it. For now though, here’s our top three workforce and technology trends for the coming year.

HR Tech not just for corporate giants
There was a time when HR technology was just for the big boys of business, with a price tag to match. Now, smaller companies and those looking to rapidly expand are realising just how much time and money can be saved via the right human capital solution. Hiring professionals should expect HR technology trends to drive many of the changes in recruitment and deployment over the coming year. And ‘change’ will be key here - change management and customisation capabilities are essential, with ongoing support and a solution that can be changed and adapted to fit individual and growing business needs leading the way.

Generation Digital

As Generation Z meet the Millennials in the work place for the first time and the baby boomers head for retirement, we are looking at the culmination of the technological revolution. Technically speaking (every pun intended) it means almost the entire workforce is at least digitally savvy, with around half of that workforce being digital natives. Technology to these generations is the great enabler and not a ‘cold, inhuman’ means of communication. From here on in it’s technology all the way for everything, with lessening need for the human hands-on approach. Ditto for consumers as new earners morph into new spenders!

The rise of the freelancer

With 93% of companies already ‘blending’ their workforce in a harmonious combination of permanent and freelance teams, working in a mix of remote and office-based locations, this trend is only going to grow throughout 2017. Again, the great enabler here is technology. No longer perceived as simply jobbing specialists, freelancers with critical skills are now considered to regularly outperform permanent team members and are increasingly hired as innovators, problem-solvers and incentivisors.  As more companies hire on-demand to solve key problems, cut costs by removing healthcare coverage and other employee benefits, employers will progressively, even aggressively, compete for the very best talent. But how do you recruit and deploy these crucial expert freelancers?... With tabs® of course!

We’ll be posting more blogs about what 2017 will bring to various sectors, so come back soon for more highly insightful trends for 2017

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