Key Workforce Trends for 2017 – the BIG three
2017-01-10 12:07 am

Key Workforce Trends for 2017 – the BIG three

It’s January and that means one thing at Global iLabs - the makers of the multi-award winning recruitment and deployment solution - TRENDS! 

Everything we do is driven by insight and so the team in our innovation lab have their heads down looking at what will be big in 2017…. Then seeing how they can top it. For now though, here’s our top three workforce and technology trends for the coming year.

HR Tech not just for corporate giants There was a time when HR technology was just for the big boys of business, with a price tag to match. Now, smaller companies and those looking to rapidly expand are realising just how much time and money can be saved via…

Slashing the human and budget costs of out of hours services
2016-09-15 05:52 pm

Out of hours services and unsociable working hours are found in many sectors, from transport and travel to leisure and entertainment, public sector to emergency services. There is an army of people working around the clock to ensure the necessities and the niceties of life are delivered. But the logistics and sourcing of out of hours workforces comes with an additional time and cost implication to employers.  It is often third party agencies who fulfil out of hours staff quotas and recruit and deploy staff for holiday and sickness cover, but at much higher pay rates, rates that are not entirely passed onto the worker. So how can out of hours management time and associated staffing costs be slashed?

This is where multi-award winning tabs® ( comes in -…

Can you really deliver more for the public with slashed budgets?
2016-04-13 03:26 pm

With increasing demand yet evermore cuts the UK public sector is facing unprecedented pressure. Meeting current 2016/17 budgets, while preparing for the 2019/20 government departmental efficiency review - featuring a further £3.5 billion of cuts – is high on most public sector leaders’ agenda. However, huge savings (40% in time and costs) can be made via adopting new technologies.

tabs® is a multi-award winning, end to end smart recruitment and deployment solution that will slash your recruitment budgets, even negate the need to costly agency spend, delivering savings in the millions. tabs® is already on the G-Cloud 7 government portal, highlighting its effectiveness and credibility. It has also garnered a great deal of media interest, including the Government & Public Sector Journal and Government Business magazine.

An Easter exodus - the best temp recruitment solution
2016-03-18 10:23 am

Of the 3.4 million Brits (7% of the adult population) planning an overnight or weekend break for the Easter Bank Holiday, a whopping 3 million of us (6%) will be staying in the UK, according to Visit England.  Likely to generate some £700 million in tourism spend for the UK economy, and a further £100 million abroad, it will also generate everything from increased demand in accommodation, travel, retail and leisure, from high street business to huge corporations.

HR departments and businesses across the UK will be looking recruit temporary staff or efficiently deploy their permanent staff to meet the Easter tourism demand, and ensure that everyone has a good time. However, Easter is of course a time when staff themselves want to take time off for a holiday…

Love your Work or Love at Work?
2016-02-23 02:10 pm

In a virtual world of dating apps and online love, just how big a role does the UK workplace still play in the love stakes? Global iLabs - the makers of the multi award winning and revolutionary recruitment and deployment app tabs®, commissioned a Valentine’s Day survey to discover how work still impacts on romance.

We asked our respondents some searching questions and really ruffled their work suits.

37% of couples within the respondent group actually met in the workplace – how lovely?… Until you discover that 24% of those admitted to actually fancying another colleague to begin with! 71% admitted to having a work date disaster, with 32% of those actually considering getting another job to avoid red faces rather than red roses across the shop floor. While only…

Top Recruitment Trends for 2016
2016-02-23 02:09 pm

We all saw some radical new recruitment trends emerge during 2015, such as the use of social networks and mobile recruiting. They surprised many by going beyond Generation Y - the continually connected, Facebook and Twitter-loving generation - and attracted talent from the more mature pool who represent the most experienced and, it could be argued, valuable sector.

From the point of view of tabs®, the multi award winning recruitment and deployment solution, we knew mobile and 24/7 recruitment via all platforms would increase; tabs® was indeed designed to fully incorporate both and more, much more. But what will 2016 bring for recruiters and human resource professionals as well as those seeking to ring in the changes with a new job?

Our insight and technology teams have been looking into…

Travel and Tourism Benefits from GBP Boom during UK Christmas Getaway
2016-02-23 02:07 pm

With the British Pound seeing its highest rate against the Euro since the currency was introduced, Brits are flocking abroad for their Christmas getaway. That could be interpreted as a financial exodus, but far from it - UK travel is seeing record figures this year. Add in the fact that the UK is the 8th most popular international tourism destination and a huge global travel hub, and the influx and movement of people takes on (appropriately enough for Christmas) Biblical proportions!

The AA has predicted that 14 million journeys of over 20 miles will take place on the UK road network between Christmas and New Year. Heathrow Airport alone expects 106,000 passengers to arrive at and depart from its terminals on Christmas Day, with Saturday 19th December the busiest day…

Restaurants and Food Service Looking Healthy
2016-02-23 02:06 pm

The restaurant and catering sectors have both recovered well from the recession with a 2.2% rise in the last 5 years. In particular corporate catering is flourishing as UK PLC, and the businesses within it, feel confident enough to give their entertainment allowances a workout. Factor in Party Season – which accounts for 40% of all corporate catering – and the sector looks as plump and healthy as a well stuffed turkey!

Currently there are 6,360 catering and food service businesses in the UK generating £1 billion in annual revenue. They employ battalions of staff  around the clock who are the frontline, face and even personality of the sector. Consumers cite ambience and good service as important as the food, with good service marginally pipping food quality as drivers for…

tabs® - Huge Savings in Retail for Temporary Recruitment
2016-02-23 02:05 pm

Speculation that this year’s Black Friday will be a record breaker has been growing since September, with many experts predicting a £1.6+ billion spend. The shopping frenzy is indicative of a recovering economy and so stores and online retailers will be busier than ever. But from fashion to food, tech to toys retailers have to meet consumer demand, and to do so they must recruit tens of thousands of seasonal staff and deploy their permanent workforces to best effect.

tabs®, a globally award winning Dynamic People Assignment solution can help retailers recruit and deploy both seasonal and permanent workers, 24/7 via smart technology and create huge savings in time and money. tabs® has been designed based on 100's of hours of customer insight to remove the burden of finding, assigning…

Finding Santa's Helpers doesn't have to be a Logistical Nightmare for Temporary Recruitment
2016-02-23 02:03 pm

Way before the Christmas rush begins and people venture online or onto the High Street, logistics companies from the Royal Mail to UPS, DHL to Yodel are actively recruiting people to ensure Christmas presents - for us and for others – are delivered in time for the big day. For the busiest time of the year to run smoothly it's essential for logistics businesses to have a veritable army of skilled and compliant temporary workers. And that’s where tabs® can help with meeting demand.

tabs®, a globally award winning Dynamic People Assignment solution can save logistics businesses up 40% in time and cost. tabs® has been designed based on 100's of hours of customer insight to remove the burden of finding, assigning and paying the right people for logistics companies and provide shift flexibility…

tabs® wins 'Outstanding App Award'
2016-02-23 02:02 pm

tabs® has been named winner of the Outstanding App category at the 2015 Global Business Excellence Awards, recognised for its innovative and timely approach to staff recruitment and deployment and the benefits this will bring to business.

The Global Business Excellence Awards’ large panel of independent expert judges select winners according to strict criteria for each category and sector; focussing on financial results, innovation, customer, employee, investor and community benefits and clearly decided that tabs® fulfils every category.

The Global Business Excellence Awards judges said:

Commenting on TABS from Global iLabs Ltd, the winner in the Outstanding App category, the chairman of the judges said: “With the UK temporary recruitment market set to grow to almost 12% of the labour force by 2018 from 5.3% today, representing 1.7 million people,…

tabs® Scoops 7 Technology Award Nominations in UK and USA
2016-02-23 02:01 pm

tabs® is not only revolutionising the way business deploy their workforces; it is having a huge impact on another arena altogether – the technology awards arena.

Having scooped 7 finalist positions, including:  App Design Awards; Entrepreneur Awards; V3 Technology Awards and the 2015 Workforce Optimas Awards from the leading HR and employment magazine in the USA, the makers of tabs® are delighted that their solution is receiving such acclaim and recognition so early on. The mobile app and portal solution only launched in early 2015 in the UK and in September of the same year in the USA at the IHRIM Conference in Atlanta. Within less than one month the US is already recognising this wholly British invention as being a revolution in staff deployment and productivity, with tabs® beating…

The Uber of Temporary Recruitment - Welcome to tabs®
2016-02-23 02:00 pm

Right on time for the beginning of October, we have created a little video on how to shift your workforce the smart way.. with just a click.




2015 – A Record Breaking Recruitment Year
2016-02-23 01:58 pm

Even with some months to go, 2015 is on track to break all recruitment records to date. And with tabs® increasingly being seen as the workforce management tool of choice, Greg Wixted - Head of Innovation at tabs® - was approached by HR Magazine to write a thought leader piece specifically for the human resources sector.

In the article Greg says: “This sustained surge from 2014 through 2015 is having a huge knock-on effect with employers, who now clearly recognise the need to be more strategic with their workforce planning - especially when it comes to finding skilled workers that will increase competitive edge. They seek a specific balance of contingent, permanent, part and full-time employees, harnessing necessary skills and as much productivity as possible. Unfortunately however, some of that…

2015 - The year of the Digital Tsar..
2016-02-23 01:57 pm

Nine out of ten senior executives say that their organisation now has a clear expectation that digital transformation will positively impact their business – meaning it’s no longer the CIO alone pushing the digital agenda. In fact, 80% of companies now have a CDO (Chief Digital Officer) in place. It may be this ‘Digital Tsar’ recruitment drive that has led 87% of companies to believe they’ve made significant progress in digital technologies in the past 12-18 months, but there are still five key issues, as found in a survey by Accenture, that top the digital agenda….. and four of those five can be solved by tabs®, the powerful mobile solution enabling live, fully automated staff deployment for businesses that employ, or agencies that use shift, contract, freelance and temporary workers.

Use Technology to Recruit Proactively to get the Best Staff and Retain Competitive Edge
2016-02-23 01:56 pm

Our recent survey into how freelancers, contractors, temporary and zero hours staff use technology to find work, threw a few curve balls at the makers of tabs®.

Worker candidate’s adept adoption of anytime/everywhere mobile technology in searching for work showed that they currently outpace recruitment agencies and employers in this area (see our last blog for more information on that). That in itself showed a technological revolution - one the agencies and businesses could get up to speed with by utilising tabs®- but this is merely the tip of the iceberg. The second skirmish in this revolution will take place in the social media arena.

Candidates are no longer simply seeking specific roles within a certain sectors. They now seek to be in proactive engagement on social media networks with…

The Technological Recruitment Revolution
2016-02-22 03:15 pm

The elusive quest for the perfect work/life balance seems to be more attainable today than ever before. That’s a claim that might seem incredible considering how the modern world barely sleeps and 24/7 is the equation for 21st century living. But technology is proving a balance enabler.

The makers of tabs®, the powerful mobile solution enabling live automated staff deployment is proving a revolutionary tool for businesses and workers alike, conducted a recent survey into the working lives of freelancers, temporary and zero hours staff. They found that workers are streets ahead of recruitment agencies and HR departments when it comes to managing their professional lives. By utilising the ever-present smart technology in their own pockets, workers are revolutionising how and who they work for, and gaining greater freedom in…

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